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#1 Session
Nursing Courses
Introduction to Practical/Medical Terminology Vocational Nursing/Professional Customer Services Relations/Principles and skills in Nurse, Process, Critical Thinking, and Practices 2 15
Fundamentals of Nursing/Legal and Ethical Healthcare Issues/Physical Assessment Techniques/Basic Emergency Care 7
Pharmacology, Principles of IV Therap 3
Growth and Development/Basic Nutrition 3
#2 Session
Nursing Courses
Introduction to Medical Surgical Nursing/Microbiology 8 15
Psychology 3
Geriatrics Nursing Care/Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation/Emergency Care 2
Mediation Administration/Basic Pharmacology 2
#3 Session
Nursing Courses
Maternal Nursing 6 15
Pediatric Nursing 6
Mental Health Nursing 3
#4 Session
Nursing Course
Medical Surgical Nursing 8 14
Leadership and Management/Community Health Nursing Care and Health Care Delivery Systems 4
Transition to Practice/End of Life Nursing Care 3
National Practical Nursing Licensure Examination Preparation Total 86
Credit Hour
Semesters Hours Credit
Total Semester
Credit Hours