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    Holistic Home Health Services

    Dignity Place specializes in personalized home health services, including wound care, education for patients and caregivers, intravenous/nutrition therapy, injections, and serious illness monitoring. Our approach prioritizes recovery, independence, and overall well-being.

    Georgia’s Medicaid and Medicare

    • Community Care Waiver (CCSP)
    • Independent Care Waiver (ICWP)
    • Private Insurance
    • Skilled Nursing
    • Source
    • Structured Family Consumer

    In partnership with the Health Force of Georgia, our programs provide financial and support services for families caring for seniors or disabled individuals at home. Eligibility criteria include, and participation in Georgia Medicaid-Medicare program requirements.

    Telehealth for Accessible Healthcare

    Prioritizing technology’s transformative potential, we emphasize telehealth services, including virtual visits, remote monitoring, and web/phone-based services. This enhances healthcare accessibility, particularly in remote areas, ensures safety during infectious outbreaks, and provides primary care for various conditions.


    • Leadership: Visionary leadership drives Dignity Place’s growth, emphasizing excellence and community service.
    • Community Advocacy: We actively advocates for community healthcare needs, holding leadership roles and collaborating with governmental agencies.
    • Healthcare Services: Dignity Place excels in specialized home health services, prioritizing recovery and independence.
    • Educational Empowerment: As the parent of Dignity Nursing School (DNS), Dignity Place prepares individuals for healthcare success through comprehensive programs.
    • Telehealth Innovation: Prioritizes telehealth for enhanced accessibility and safety.

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    Dignity Place, established in 2006, is a distinguished non-profit Home Health Agency committed to delivering vital healthcare services in the rural landscapes of Georgia. Our mission is to provide essential healthcare services, particularly in underserved areas, fostering well-being and dignity for all. As the parent organization of Dignity Nursing School, we are dedicated to healthcare workforce development, offering educational programs that empower individuals to thrive in the healthcare industry. Embracing the transformative potential of telehealth, our unwavering commitment is encapsulated in our mantra: “Gracefully serving the community ‘ONE’ NEED at a time.” Join us in making a meaningful impact on healthcare accessibility and education in rural Georgia.


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    Dignity Place stands as a beacon of grace, compassion, and commitment to community well-being, serving as a comprehensive healthcare and educational hub for a dignified tomorrow.

two seniors on a wheel-chair with caregiver
two seniors on a wheel-chair with caregiver