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The Founder


Executive Director LaMonique (Nikki) Benford
Nikki Benford founded Dignity Place Home Care Charity of Georgia in February 2006 as VP of Development and became the organizations President & CFO in September 2006. Under her leadership GA Medicaid, GA Veterans Aide and Attendance, pledged revenues have increased from $105,000 thousand to $1.1 million.

She has held numerous leadership positions both locally and nationally while with Community Health Charities including serving as the peer elected Chair of Faith Outreach Community Center (REACH), and Developing Hope Ministries as Affiliate Executives, serving on the Board of Directors and participating as a member.

She served as Board Chair of Dignity Express, 2016-2107, Dignity Nursing School 2018-2020, and advocates between Area Agency on Aging, the Division of Aging, and also Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ARCD). As Liaison for community healthcare needs and changes, as a Support Foundation.

Benford’s non-profit career officially started in 2006, when she was discovered the need for adequate Senior Housing. Determined to erect Dignity Place Assisted Living Home in 2008, determined to pursue community service work with HUD 202 Grant which was approved for $2.5 million in 2008 in Hiram, GA. After several promotions including the recognition and dedication to community service, March 9, 2009, was awarded the Outstanding Performance and Dedication as a Community Care Service Program Provider of the year.

Benford is an avid multitasking leader, who also found Dignity Nursing School (DNS) 2018. In her passion to provide quality caretakers, she expanded DNS where Compassionate Certified Nursing Assistant or groomed, to include Basic Life Support, Electrocardiogram Techs and Phlebotomy to individuals with little education looking to start a career.

She is a graduate of Nicholls State University of South Louisiana with a Bachelor of General Studies, she hold a Master of Business Administration, from American InterContinental University, in addition to Project Management accreditation credits.

She is married and has four children, ages 22, 21, 18 and 17. Her only son, is a member of North Paulding Baseball where they are slated to be name State Champion 2021. As a mother of multi-generation children she brings a unique perspective to the juggling act women face balancing motherhood and professional lives along with best friend and husband, Willian Benford. William has been her devoted and supportive husband of 20 years.

Our commitment is to continue providing our quality training programs to aspiring nursing students and healthcare professionals.

The roles of the Certified Nursing Assistant and Certified Technicians are vital to the healthcare industry. Not only do CNA’s and Techs assist medical staff, but as “front-line” members, they have the most direct contact with patients. We aim to strengthen health care by focusing on competence and compassion that goes beyond industry standards. Our hands-on training courses are designed to provide students with the essential knowledge and skills that are required to thrive as an entry-level healthcare professional.

doctor having a discussion with his studentsMission: To empower the physically challenged and disabled individuals to take control of their lives by fostering opportunities and resources in the community. These efforts include:

  • To provide health and social services for seniors and other individuals suffering from health and social problems
  • To formulate a holistic approach to addressing the needs of those we serve
  • To provide healthcare service to promote good health and hygiene
  • To produce Compassionate, Competent, and Certified Healthcare Nurses
  • To encourage, support, and assist in the development and revitalization of our local communities with emphasis on the disabled

Dignity’s Nursing School (DSN) was incorporated to facilitate the replication of empowering Compassionate Competent Caregivers (CCC) with the focus on employing its own Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) graduates. This selective process enhances “Dignity Place Homecare Services”, allowing the agency to put the most qualified caregiver(s) to work.