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Becoming a Registered Nurse

Ever wondered how a caregiver or a home health aide is able to help patients, especially those with medical conditions, for long-term care? Usually, they undergo specialized training so they will be able to complete their tasks like assist patients with their basic activities of daily living and record and keep vital information about their … Continue reading

Dealing With Different Patients in Phlebotomy

Acquiring blood samples requires skill and knowledge in phlebotomy as patients will differ in ways such as age, health conditions, and more. Phlebotomy Techs know how to properly locate the vein to stick the needle to get blood for medical examinations from different kinds of people. A phlebotomist uses precise techniques to retrieve blood samples from different … Continue reading

Reasons to Get Certified in Basic Life Support

As human beings, we value the importance of life by helping each other whenever we can. With Basic Life Support (BSL) training at Dignity Nursing School, Inc., proper techniques are taught to help another person’s life in need of emergency care during a cardiac and respiratory arrest. Getting the training at our medical school in Acworth, Georgia also … Continue reading

Studying Tips for Future Nursing Professionals

We all have our ways on how we study effectively for exams. For upcoming nursing professionals at Dignity Nursing School, Inc., it is very crucial that the things they have studied and learned during their training become long-term as they get their certification exams up until their careers. Our medical school in Acworth, Georgia also provides future healthcare … Continue reading

Why You Should Get a Certificate in Healthcare Now

Have you ever received a calling for helping others by saving lives through a healthcare profession? You can achieve that calling now at Dignity Nursing School, Inc. with our affordable and transient training programs and certifications. As a medical school in Acworth, Georgia, we aim to provide the best education to future healthcare professionals who will save even … Continue reading

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Nursing Program

Every professional nurse begins their journey by enrolling in a trusted medical school in Acworth, Georgia. And whether you’re just starting your nursing career or you’re looking to go back to school, you need to recognize that like any field, healthcare has its share of challenges and there’s a lot of things to consider. Factors … Continue reading

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