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Dealing With Different Patients in Phlebotomy

Dealing With Different Patients in Phlebotomy

Acquiring blood samples requires skill and knowledge in phlebotomy as patients will differ in ways such as age, health conditions, and more. Phlebotomy Techs know how to properly locate the vein to stick the needle to get blood for medical examinations from different kinds of people.

A phlebotomist uses precise techniques to retrieve blood samples from different kinds of people, especially pregnant women, older adults, and more, emphasizing comfort and safety from health risks. Our nursing training in Georgia makes sure to train future phlebotomists to prevent complications from drawing blood.

Phlebotomists must also be trained to encounter people who fear needles or getting their blood extracted. It is essential that these patients feel at ease and calm during the blood draw. Phlebotomy students at our nursing school are trained to identify their patients well, including their names and health conditions for smooth blood extraction and accurate laboratory testing processes.

Dignity Nursing School, Inc. offers training in phlebotomy, where future healthcare professionals will learn to safely administer a blood draw. Our hands-on venipuncture training in our medical school in Acworth, Georgia allows students to practice the procedure in special populations and different situations. They get to learn how to properly handle equipment and samples to prevent contracting infections when dealing with blood from different people. 

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